Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Monday, July 14, 2008

He's Finally Here!

I am so happy and relieved by the birth of my long awaited son! Wyatt James was born July 10 after being much anticipated and a little overdue. Even though I know I'm completely biased I can't help but say he is the best looking baby in the entire world (no offence meant to any other mother who's baby is also the best looking in the entire world) and he's also the best behaved. I love holding his little (8 lbs 10 oz) self in my arms and looking into those beautiful eyes. It seems he only has eyes for me and I love being the mom! My husband is also in love with our son and it seems he can't do enough for both of us. He's been my life saver and I'm so happy to have him to take care of us! I love watching the two of them together they are already the best of buds and I know that my husband is scheming about all the wonderful things he's going to teach Wyatt. Well, like all new moms I have a baby to feed and I'm already exhausted so I'll leave off and post some pictures tomorrow!