Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Almost 36 Weeks!

I suppose the unexpected manages to happen when we really aren't expecting it; isn't that why they call it the unexpected? Well, on Friday morning it was pouring out so Brian got a rain day. When we got up Brian said that he felt like someone had just punched him and asked me if he had a black eye. He didn't have a black eye but his face was red and swollen and looking somewhat rashy. So I took him to the doctor. The doctor decided that it could be shingles so we got medicine that was supposed to help the shingles run their course faster. Well, on Sunday the rash had only gotten worse, Brian's eye had started to swell shut and the rash was a flaming red. Since the "shingles" were so close to his eye we had to worry that they might infect his eye and so we took him to emergency where another doctor said that it might not actually be shingles it might be a bacterial infection which could be treated with some antibiotics. So we got Brian the antibiotics and since then the swelling is gone, the red is gone and he is healing up nicely. THANK GOODNESS it isn't shingles and he is healing so nicely! That was our weekend adventure. Oh and I was able to go to the Canada wide Stake broadcast and really enjoyed it. Brian had to miss it because we still thought he had shingles and that is contagious to people who haven't had chicken pox.

I am now almost 36 weeks pregnant and I have my doctors appointment today. After today's appointment I start having weekly appointments until the baby gets here. I'm getting so excited. I can hardly wait to have my baby and to start being a mommy. I am of course nervous excited, I suppose with any big changes like this that's normal. I keep asking Brian if he feels nervous, but he's not, he is just as calm as ever, nothing ever riles him, thank goodness, he is my rock. He is getting excited though, everytime we talk about having this baby and we realize how soon it is he smiles his adorable grin. I know our families are all getting really excited too. This baby is the first grandbaby on both sides and the first great grandbaby on my mom's side so there are a lot of people anxiously anticipating this little ones arrival.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

New Blog

This is where our family got it's start! I suppose that for everyone their wedding day was surreal and euphoric, and I must say we were no different. I remember when we were driving away from the festivities we both looked at eachother with the perma-grins we'd been wearing all day and said, "man, my cheeks hurt so bad!". Who knew what adventures would be in store for us. Our first year of marriage consisted of my last year of university, I graduated with a BSc/BEd and it also marked the beginning of Brian's journey into the medical field. He decided that if he was going to go to University he might as well be what he wanted and that was a doctor, so now he is currently working hard getting his prerequisites and in a year or two who knows where we will be living so Brian can finish his schooling. We are so excited! Year two marked my first year of teaching which was coupled with the anticipation of a new member to our clan! We are so excited to be having our baby soon, we are due the end of June!
I began this blog because I figured while I wait for this darling baby to come I might as well start something worthwhile that I will be able to continue once the baby gets here. I wanted to be able to share our life with our family and friends and this seemed like a great way to do that. I am currently bored out of my mind when Brian is away at work, I try to stay busy but there is really only so many times a person can clean the house in a week, hahaha, and who wants to do it even once? I am occupying most of my freetime reading books (the Anne of Green Gable series). There is currently nothing noteworthy happening, but I wanted to begin this blog so that when noteworthy things happen I can share them. I hope that this will be a handy and exciting way to keep up to date on our little family!